Sue and Gary Asked: Modify or Move™?

Sue and Gary: Modify or move™?

Meet Kelly. One of three sisters, she was worried about their parents, Sue and Gary. After surviving a stroke, Gary fell at home one night. Kelly raced to their two-level cape from her own home on the shoreline.

While Gary wasn’t injured, both he and Sue were rattled, and they weren’t the only ones. Kelly had spent a harrowing 40 minutes in the car, worried over her father’s health. After returning home late that night, Kelly called her sisters, Claire and Sara.

Both Claire and Sara lived even farther away from Sue and Gary, on the Connecticut shoreline. All three sisters—and their families—were concerned. From that night on, things got worse. Each time Gary fell, one of his daughters would hop in the car, leaving behind family dinners, homework with kids, preparation for business meetings, or plans with friends. 

The family faced a difficult decision: Modify or move™?

Modify and Move

Sue and Gary had lived in their spacious cape for forty years. Family holidays, the growth of their own children, and a successful marriage contributed to memories that gave their home heart. But if they stayed, their daughters would have to keep taking turns driving out each time Gary fell. If he needed medical care from his preferred hospital—Yale New Haven Hospital—it was too far away for convenience. Ultimately, the family decided it would be best for Sue and Gary to move closer to Kelly, Claire, and Sara. 

A move wasn’t enough, though. The family didn’t want to uproot Sue and Gary just so that Gary could fall closer to his support network—if they were going to move, they might as well ensure their home would suit their needs—forever more.

The decision to move became a decision to move and modify.

Managing health concerns, a move, and a renovation would overflow anyone’s cup—and that’s where Forevermore Homes comes in.

Sue and Gary were able to move into a one-level home nestled within a 55+ community. This placed them 10 to 15 minutes away from all three of their daughters.

The first-floor master suite guaranteed Gary a safer home, but there was more to do to prevent falls. Among elderly persons, falls are one of the leading causes of emergency room visits and admissions to hospitals. 

Forevermore Homes Helped Sue and Gary Age in Place

Forevermore Homes evaluated Sue and Gary’s new abode and recommended: A renovated bathroom with a curbless shower and grab bars to help Gary manage without slips and falls throughout the day, as well as considered placement of Sue’s and Gary’s furniture and removal of throw rugs, to make it easier for Gary to get around with less risk of falling. 

The results of these physical changes are Gary can go about his day safely, and Sue doesn’t have to worry he might fall on a flight of stairs or walking from the living room to the washroom. Kelly, Claire, and Sara—and their families—can spend more time visiting with their parents and grandparents to build new memories in Sue and Gary’s new home, and less time on the road for health emergencies.

For Sue, there was another benefit to moving. In their old town, she didn’t have much of a social community. She and Gary were more isolated. But in their new community, Sue is active. She needed social connection. It may not be easy to manage Gary’s health, but Sue now has friends nearby as well as family, and a community center as part of the 55+ housing development. She enjoys a higher quality of life and a broader network of emotional support.

Finding Peace of Mind

How did Forevermore Homes help this family find peace of mind? By identifying a senior real estate specialist (SRES™) who was attuned to the needs and concerns faced by elderly persons, Forevermore Homes was able to assist Sue and Gary not only in finding a new, safer home close to their family and desired health services, but also navigate the emotions of selling their home of 40 years.

The specialist was able to sell their home within a couple of days, for more than the asking price. On the buying side, Forevermore Homes helped Sue and Gary work with a real estate agent who works directly with their new community. By recommending modifications to their new abode, Forevermore Homes helped ensure Sue and Gary’s transition was smooth sailing.

Forevermore Homes was able to help Sue and Gary find their new home—a safe place to live with convenient social, family, and healthcare connections. Kelly, Claire, Sara have peace of mind. The right home and the right environment can make a significant difference in quality of life not only for elderly persons, but for their family and friends as well.

If you’re asking yourself whether to modify or move™, we’re here to help.