Our process for working with you starts with an in-home consultation where we listen to your concerns and hear about what’s most important to you.

The first question we seek to answer together is -does it make more sense to modify or move?  Would you be happier staying put in your current home and adding age in place features, or would it be better for you to move to a home already more age in place friendly?

We assess your current situation and lay out the various options, highlighting the costs and benefits of each. We provide you with information in an easy to digest format, empowering you to make the right decision for you and your family.

When your decision is made we get to work.  We create a plan, oversee the execution from start to finish, and over communicate along the way. We handle any bumps in the road to take that burden off your shoulders.

Since this can be a big financial and emotional life decision, we work directly with your professional advisers, like your accountant, attorney, or financial adviser. And if you don’t have these folks already on your team, we’ll refer you within our network.

If you have a medical condition, our occupational therapist will play an important role in assessing your home and prioritizing the modifications most necessary for your comfort and safety.

You may be thinking about these issues because you have an immediate need, or you may be planning proactively for the future. Either way we’re here to help!  Contact us today to schedule your in-home consultation.